Happy New Year 2016

I imagine that the first time most of you will be reading this will be in 2016!!!

So Happy New Year….

I’d like to wish everyone a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year. Hopefully you’ve taken the time to set some personal and professional goals for the upcoming year and beyond. I’ve learned to “dream big” and follow through with your dreams by setting goals…Why? Because a “goal is just a dream with a deadline.”

With all the talent in our program, I’m sure there is much to be accomplished both professionally here at Total Form Fitness as well individually. We have people who have returned to school for Bachelors Degrees, Masters Degrees and Doctorates.  We have people who will be giving birth, getting married, and buying homes in 2016. All great stuff.

It’s important to me that I encourage and support your efforts to improve and develop. In the upcoming year I hope we all help to create a culture of life long learning, creativity, commitment, great training, hard-work and teamwork. I also encourage everyone to take time to ensure that you are practicing self care in order to be at your best. As a team we can all build this program to new heights to be recognized as the best in class of Personal Training. With program success comes opportunities so lets work together to make it happen.

Thank you for everything you do on a daily basis to make the lives of the children and families we serve better. It’s also important to us that your own lives become enriched, skills improved, and opportunities to grow welcomed, in the process. So set those goals, follow your dreams and let us know how we can help you get there.

In thinking of all of you, I was drawn to former Apple Founder Steve Jobs and the Stanford University Commencement speech he did right before he passed away. It was an inspiring speech called “How To Live Before You Die.” Hope you enjoy.


Wishing you the best in 2016!