5 Fun Ways to Enjoy Family Fitness

1: Walk to your next adventure:

Plan a family walk to a new park or fun destination that your family would love to check out. You’ll be exercising and rewarding your family at the same time.

2: Family Olympics:

Organize your own family Olympics with fun games and activities that will keep your family energized and moving. Get creative and have each team make a name and select a color.  Think a summer balloon relay race or obstacle course in your backyard, and maybe even invite the neighbors! Aim to have as much fun as possible without keeping score or worrying about winning or losing. The key is to remember that exercise can be fun.

3: Stick to the Basics

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel to enjoy family fitness. Get your family moving by playing a spontaneous game of tag. From traditional, new, creative or just plain silly, there are many versions of tag. Try something like family freeze tag and incorporate an ‘everyone wins’ philosophy.

4: Keep a Record

Once home, write down everything you did together as a family. Create a chart and stick to tracking the day’s exercises and events. Your family will enjoy seeing progress and you can feel proud in knowing you’re a part of a family that has made having a healthy lifestyle a priority.

5: Healthy Eating 

An important component of staying fit as a family is healthy eating. Make it fun by using visual reminders such as a food pyramid to help show your family what healthy eating actually looks like. You can create shopping lists together and ask your family to find fun and new receipts from their favorite healthy foods. Then try cooking together!