About us


Personal Training, here at Total Form Fitness, is catered towards our clients. We put together a unique work-out routine for each clients’ specific needs. Clients are able to schedule sessions at their most convenient time, and since our clients are trained individually they will not need to worry about competition with other clients. We make sure all of our clients have perfect form for each exercise in order to prevent injuries, increase strength, and improve current fitness level.

At Total Form Fitness we believe our trainers act as a team. If one of our trainers happens to be sick on one day, another trainer will work with the clients of the sick trainer.

In addition, there is no risk in coming to Total Form Fitness for your first session.  The first session is a free and it is an easy way for anyone to check out our gym.  During the first session we do our best to assess your current fitness level.  We also wish to help you better understand how Total Form Fitness Operates and how we can help you accomplish any of your fitness goals.

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