Happy New Year 2016

I imagine that the first time most of you will be reading this will be in 2016!!! So Happy New Year…. I’d like to wish everyone a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year. Hopefully you’ve taken the time to set some personal and professional goals for the upcoming year and beyond. I’ve learned to “dream […]

Snow Activities– Make Your Own Avalanche!

Avalanche! Ever wondered how an avalanche works? Try this winter activity on for size. Simulated disasters help you understand the real thing. What You’ll Need: Cardboard box (cut in half, corner to corner) Mittens Cold water Snow On a cold day, cut a cardboard box in half, corner to corner, creating a cardboard peak that […]


Stage 3: Preparation. These folks are primed and motivated. They are ready to give exercise a try. The goal of this stage is to create a specific action plan that takes all factors into account, so that the “launch” is successful. People at this stage need to know how much they should be exercising, their […]

Steak With Ginger Butter Sauce

Ingredients 1 to 1 ½ pounds boneless top blade, sirloin or rib-eye, cut into 2 or 4 steaks 3/4 inch thick or less 1 ½ tablespoons butter 1 tablespoon minced ginger 2 tablespoons soy sauce Preparation Heat a large, heavy skillet over medium-high heat until it begins to smoke. Add the steaks, and cook until […]

Why Do We Sleep?

Most adults who aren’t insomniacs love it when that time of the night rolls around. At last, they can leave the worries of the day behind and fall into a lovely, relaxing sleep. A night of sawing logs can leave you feeling refreshed and ready for the coming day. Some people even make better decisions […]

Snow Activities– Is Every Snowflake Really Different? Find Out How to Tell

Examine Snowflakes You’ve heard that no two snowflakes are alike, right? Examine snowflakes and see if that’s true. What You’ll Need: Black construction paper Magnifying glass Do this activity on a snowy day. Put a piece of black construction paper outside where it’s cold, but not where it will get snowed on. Let the paper […]


The decision to adopt a healthier behavior — whether it’s more exercise, weight loss, or quitting smoking — is not as simple as just deciding to do it. Numerous studies, shows that people cycle through a variety of stages before a new behavior is successfully adopted over the long term. Stage 1: Pre-Contemplation. People at […]

Pan-Seared Veal Steaks With Green Peppercorns

Green peppercorns grow on the same vine as the black peppercorns you use in your pepper mill. The difference is the green ones are picked young, while the black have been allowed to mature and dry. Though they are occasionally available still fresh on the branch, flown in directly from Southeast Asia, green peppercorns are […]

Importance of Leptin and Ghrelin

The hormone leptin is intricately involved in the regulation of appetite, metabolism and calorie burning. Leptin is the chemical that tells your brain when you’re full, when it should start burning up calories and, by extension, when it should create energy for your body to use. It triggers a series of messages and responses that […]

Snow Activities– Find North By Making Your Own Compass

Where’s the North Pole? Where’s the North Pole? If you follow the steps of this snow activity, you’ll find the answer by making your own handy homemade compass. What You’ll Need: Pie pan Water Dishwashing liquid Magnet Needle 1/4-inch slice of cork Fill a pie pan with water. Add a small amount of dishwashing liquid. […]