I haven’t worked out in a long time, is exercising with a personal trainer too much for me?

Absolutely not. Our personal trainers are trained to understand each client’s needs. When a client comes to the gym for the first time, our trainers gauge the client’s strengths and weaknesses. We create a plan that is designed to build muscles, trim fat, and achieve the client’s fitness goals.

I want to lose fat and not gain bulky muscles. Can the Total Form Fitness’ trainers help me achieve this goal?

Of course. There is a common misconception that lifting weights builds bulky muscle, and this is not the case. Altering the weights and reps while incorporating various other training techniques will completely change the result of any workout, allowing you to lose fat without gaining that unwanted bulky muscle. Our trainers work one on one with their clients to identify each client’s fitness goals. Using the information they gather they form a workout plan specific to achieving those goals.

How much does Total Form Fitness cost?

First and foremost, everyone’s first session is free. At Total Form Fitness we want to make sure that clients are comfortable here and have found the right trainer for themselves before they pay. We have no contract, no membership fee, and no initiation fee. After your initial free trial, clients will pay per session by purchasing a package. We sell 5, 10, and 20 session packages, and the larger the package you buy, the cheaper the price per session.

How many times should I work out each week?

If you are unsure how often you would like to work out, we suggest you start with once per week. Try Total Form Fitness out and see how your body responds. With this approach, you can always exercise more if you want to get in amazing shape.

I have a unique question, who can I call to talk about it?

You can always call the gym at 1-914-874-5451 anytime for any question you may have. If you would like to speak with a specific trainer and he is unavailable, then you can leave a message and he will contact you as soon as he has a free moment.

Does Total Form Fitness offer any classes?

At Total Form Fitness we do not offer any classes. However, we do offer double sessions for people who want to work out with a friend or family member. Double sessions are still an hour long but only cost $60 per person, and they are a great opportunity to save money and have some company while you exercise.