Welcoming a new baby to your family is a time for celebration. And preparing for a baby begins even before you become pregnant because having a healthy pregnancy depends a lot on being healthy beforehand.

Before pregnancy

Preparing your body for a healthy pregnancy is an important step in having a healthy baby. Eating a healthy diet, regular physical activity and avoiding tobacco use and other harmful substances are key elements in supporting a healthy pregnancy. If you are planning to become pregnant, it’s important to have a wellness visit with your Network Provider to ensure you’re in good health to support a healthy pregnancy.

During pregnancy

During your pregnancy, it’s important to take care of yourself by eating a healthy diet and avoiding alcohol and other harmful substances. You should also keep regular appointments with your Network Obstetrician who will help you maintain a proper diet, weight and monitor any potential health conditions that can arise. Following your Network Provider’s advice and staying healthy can help give you and your baby the best possible outcome and support a full-term delivery.

The trend has become increasingly common for expectant mothers to schedule early deliveries due to non-medical reasons, including convenience, discomfort and a variety of other reasons. Health experts agree that it’s best for mother and baby to stay pregnant for at least 39 weeks. It’s also best to wait until you go into labor naturally if you have a healthy pregnancy. Babies born before 39 weeks are at higher risk of health complications including vision and hearing problems and low birth weight. Babies born after 39 weeks of gestation have more time for their brains, lungs and liver to properly develop.

Give your baby the best possible start to life by having a healthy pregnancy that lasts at least 39 weeks, if possible. Talk to your Network Provider about any concerns you may have and create a plan for a healthy pregnancy.