Snow Activities– Find North By Making Your Own Compass

Where’s the North Pole?

Where’s the North Pole? If you follow the steps of this snow activity, you’ll find the answer by making your own handy homemade compass.

What You’ll Need:

Pie pan


Dishwashing liquid



1/4-inch slice of cork

Fill a pie pan with water. Add a small amount of dishwashing liquid.

Now you’ll need to magnetize a needle. To do this, use a bar magnet with the north end marked. Scrape the needle across the north end of the magnet, from the eye of the needle to its point. Do this about 15 times. It’s important to scrape the needle in the same direction every time — don’t rub it back and forth on the magnet.

Carefully poke the needle through a small piece of cork. Float the cork in the middle of the pie pan. Like magic, the needle will always point north.

If you walked far enough in that direction, you’d find yourself at the North Pole! That’s because the Earth is like a giant magnet, with one end in the North Pole and the other end in the South Pole