Snow Activities– Make Your Own Refreshing Ice Cream Treat

Snow Ice Cream

Long ago people figured out the easiest way to make ice cream is to use snow. Find out how to make your own Snow Ice Cream with this fun winter activity.

What You’ll Need:

Clean snow



Vanilla extract

Milk or cream

How to Make Snow Ice Cream

Scoop some freshly fallen snow into a big, chilled bowl. (Make sure the snow you take is clean and white. If the snow is brown or yellow, it will taste yucky.)

Nestle the bowl in the snow to keep it cold while you make snow ice cream. Add a little sugar, a few drops of vanilla extract, and some very cold milk or cream. Stir together and eat.

You might like to take your tasty treat inside to enjoy by a warm fire. Experiment with different flavors of snow ice cream. Try adding some cinnamon or cocoa powder.